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Full-Service Interior Decorating

We have a deep love for decorating—it's the most exciting and crucial stage in our process. This particular service caters to clients who have completed renovations or have a finished home, with the sole desire to enhance it through thoughtful decoration.

Custom Upholstery and Drapery

For clients who do not have time to find that perfect sofa, chairs, or bed. Our custom upholstery and drapery are the answer. We will design the “it” piece for your home and get it made her in Canada. 

Full-Service Interior Design

Designed with you in mind, Aman Than Interiors offers a seamless solution for those seeking a team of professionals to handle every aspect of the design process, from start to finish.

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Design Concept Development - Colour Consultation - Kitchen and Bath Design - Material and Finishes Specifications - Millwork Design - Custom Furniture, Lighting and Area rugs -Wallpaper selection - Art and accessories selection - Sourcing and Turnkey Installation - Custom Drapery - Detailed Floor plans, elevations and 3D Renderings -Design Consultations

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Our process

Phase One
A 2-hour on-site design consultation with Aman to discuss your design needs, gather requirements and create a scope of work.
Phase Two
Trade Day, Contract and retainer, (let's deal with all the necessary paperwork), Initial design presentation and two edits if required.
Phase Three
Final design and procurement, installation and project management to make sure that the work is being executed on time and according to the final design. All deficiencies were dealt with, the photoshoot completed and we set up your space for you to enjoy.
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